All service providers are licensed, certified, and insured.

Private Vinyasa Yoga

We believe that having a regular yoga practice is the gateway to better health, but not all yoga experiences are created equally. Try a supportive private session that meets you wherever you are mentally and physically. We’ll give you the best in breathwork, movement, and alignment at your residence or a local studio. Sessions include delicious organic snacks and refreshments. Packages available.

“The body is wiser than its inhabitants.” -erica jong

Yoga Therapy

If you have specific goals for your practice like managing behaviors or mental and physical health conditions, yoga can be a non-invasive and largely self-guided healing practice. We are trained to support you in your progress while preventing injury and helping you focus on specific goals. Blocks, blankets, eye pillows, sound therapy, meditation, and other tools are used in our yoga therapy sessions. Yoga Therapy, like most therapy, is an effort over time. Packages available.

Yoga Workshop for Groups

Skip the happy hour and bond over something fun and physical. Workshops address the specific needs of the group with meaningful movement and effective breath techniques. Get a little exercise, stir up ideas and creativity, and conclude with a relaxed and focused state of mind. Workshops include delicious organic snacks and refreshments.

Family + Kids Yoga

The family that plays together stays together. We keep it upbeat, informative, and fun for the whole family in this meditation and movement oriented session. Moms, dads, kids, dogs, and cats–all are welcome. We can accommodate you at your residence or conveniently located studio.

Guided Meditation & Hypnotherapy

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